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Lies? or white lies?

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 8:14AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

today i discovered one more lies from my gf. she told me that she wont go clubbing, that is what she promise me. although i know that she really want to go, because if she dont want to go, then she wont ask me WHY or give excuses. i really thought that she never go clubbing, i only thought that she went to pub and have some beer.

she told me that she went clubbing twice. and she drink alcohol over there.
dance like hardcore. all this things is just her tactic to let more guys to notice her. Her way of attracting attention. she also say that she drunk and then a few guys help her up. and she feel so happy about it. wtf.

have she ever thought of how will i feel sia. i feel cheated. not because guys help her up or attract guys attention. is she never tell me she went clubbing. she only told me after she went. lets state an example, you take your parent's car then drive out and play then got into accident. and then you told your parent that you borrow the car. the different is very big!!

damn, i really dont wanna quarrel with her. but she always make me want to quarrel with her.

i noticed that sometimes like she do the things already and try to escape, lets say example she hold the guy waist which she told me she never even touch the guy and then i say about it, and question about it. she will sometimes change topic or deny. then if i keep asking her, she will say i irritating or annoying. and sometimes she will say:" its already past, i dont wanna talk about it".


I've always loved you!

Mon, 04/05/2010 - 4:34AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

I'm just thinking what's wrong with my bf saying all sorts of stuff..
Just when did i say abt the incest thing?
Yeah, it's true that brothers wont wna have sex with their sisters! That's just so off!!!
Maybe only my bf has such Taboo ideas!
There are just too many misunderstandings here & there.
It's kinda my fault for not telling him most of the things happening.
It's pretty selfish for saying that, "i dont want to hurt him that's why".
It has been a really long time since i last log-in to fs/fb or twitter even.
When i on9 i always webcam with him on skype.
If that's not what you call love then why do i havda waste my time cos i could just do my stuff!
Using coms over there is only 10pesos per/hour.
There's no such thing as "she love me less"or "she love me more"!
If there's love then it's always meant to be whole-heartedly unless it's fading.
My feelings didnt fade for him.
Chatting with a guy does not exactly mean i like him or whatsoever. It's just casually chatting.
I'm not a flirt!
Gna stop here for now.
Hope i can update his on-sugar regularly.



Is that a lie?

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 6:56AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

she told me that she never touch the M guy, but i saw she took picture with that M guy with her arm behind the guy. then i ask her, she told me got but only waist only. i asked her "why that time i ask you, you said never." then she told me also never touch "there". is that a lie? or communication problem?


Heart hurt

Sun, 04/04/2010 - 6:50AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

she hurt my heart, the moment she said the sentence it make my heart shattered. although i am fine now, but i still can remember very clearly what she said and how i feel at that moment.


Finally two weeks.

Sat, 04/03/2010 - 9:40AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

Finally two weeks have past ever since 19 march 2010. my girlfriend is back in singapore, she called me once she reached singapore. talked about all the stuff in Philippine, all i said was umm. ya. orh. because i am pretty tired and got nothing to comment on it. i think tomorrow she will show me the photo and tell me more about the living condition over there. hopefully our love never change!!


Heart pain

Fri, 04/02/2010 - 9:06AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

I donno why i am feeling this way, but everything she does make me heart pain. I feel like she being sms-ing guys over there, thats why she never sms me. and she told me she make alot of friends over there.


Alone at home.

Thu, 04/01/2010 - 2:56AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

My girlfriend is oversea, my brother is oversea, other brothers all busy with their stuff, like school stuff, work and girlfriend. Recently i uninstalled my msn messenger, delete my facebook account and also delete all the girls contact from my phone. so currently i have nothing to do at all. only taking care of baby at home.

I am not going to gym, because i just have no mood.

maybe i shall just say a little bit about my girlfriend oversea. She went to Philippine on 19/02/10 and after 3 days then she contact me, while i am crazy calling her, trying all the number i could called. i am somehow crazy for that 3 days, every single days i will think of her. when i heard that she is going to be in a room with her maid son, i just feel fuck up, i know things is going wrong. after a few days, she told me that the guy attempted to rape her. i already told her, she dont wanna listen to me. i feel so useless, i cant even protect my own gf. after a few days, she forgive the guy. and told me that she treat him as older brother. how could she treat a guy who rape her as an older brother. she told me there is something called incest. so iss she implying that she want that to happen. damn! and then recently she stop smsing me so frequently, i ask her why. she told me she watching tv, then i said watch tv also can reply der ma, then she say because i reply too short. she never reply me for more than 1 hours, sometimes 2 hours. she dont know how much i miss her, she just dont know how much i am worrying when she never reply. then yesterday night i ask her why she always never reply me, then she told me she talking to her maid sister. why is she keep changing? from watch tv to reply too short to talking to sister. i feel like she got something hiding from me, then i told her, she told me she alone in the pension house, how to do something behind my back. and then her prepaid keep very fast money gone, and she seldom sms me, so i feel very weird. i think something had happened!!


Busy days over.

Mon, 11/16/2009 - 2:09AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

Been busy for the past few weeks. or even months. now got to study for my common test, i wanna get good grades. lazy to post. gonna post one long post soon.


Inactive in blogging.

Sun, 10/11/2009 - 5:42AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -
Have been inactive for quite a period of time, for the period of time, i had been slacking and staying up late. i wanna have a car license so that i can drive anywhere. seriously it is so cool having a car. i am going to get my license before chinese new year, my hope. my wish. and my desire.



Sat, 09/26/2009 - 1:41AM by KayaLoti 0 Comments -

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